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Learn more about the services we offer and our specialized insurance

1.  Who can book with Afford á Tour? Anyone who is 19+. Our pricing, specialized insurance and licensing offer an affordable and safe option for locals and visitors alike who wish to spend the day on one of our many Okanagan Wine Trails. 

2.  What type of vehicle do we need?  Any road-worthy vehicle, automatic or standard transmission, rental cars are included. 

3.  How many passengers can we take on our tour? Up to 9 passengers. The vehicle must have seatbelts for all passengers.

4.  Where do you pick up guests from? Any location in Lake Country, Kelowna or West Kelowna, this includes hotels, B&B’s, Airbnb’s, or private residences. 

Peachland, Summerland or Penticton require an additional fee. 

Please call to inquire.

5.  Can you pick up and drop off in multiple locations? Yes, this is all included in the hourly rate provided that the initial pick up and last drop off is at the location of the vehicle being used. 

No one needs to worry about how they will get home.

6.  What type of insurance do you carry? 

Damage Insurance Covering Non-Owned Vehicles at a value of $60,000

This policy provides Collision, Comprehensive, or Specified Perils coverage to firms or individuals who wish to protect themselves for loss or damage while operating a non-owned vehicle (rented or borrowed).  Vehicles are covered when the insured is legally liable for direct loss or damage to a non-owned vehicle, while that non-owned vehicle is in the care, custody or control of the insured.

Liability Insurance Covering Non-Owned Vehicles

A policy that provides third party liability coverage to an individual, partnership or company for the use or operation of vehicles in their BC business.

7.   What does the driver do while we are wine tasting or having luncheon? The driver will park your vehicle and enjoy the Okanagan sunshine while you enjoy your visit. Your vehicle will not leave the parking lot.

8.  Are tasting fees included in your rates?  No, most wineries charge a small fee ($3 - $5) that is waived upon purchase. Your tasting room associate will inform you as to the wineries tasting fee policies.

9.  Who creates the itinerary?   You do!  Creating your own custom itinerary keeps you in charge.  We can also collaborate in the itinerary planning based on your personal taste and style.

Our Wine Savvy Drivers can provide you with knowledge to uncork your thirst to learn more about our beautiful Okanagan wine region.

10. How do we make a Reservation?

Call or text (250) 864-9309 or email to make a reservation.

Let us know your preferred date, time and region you are considering for your wine tour and approximately how many hours you would like to book your driver, and where you'd like to start your tour. We'll work out the details and options from there!

 You can also contact us through our contact form on the home page of this website. 

11.  Is this better than using a Tour Bus or Taxi service?  Absolutely! 

If there is more than one person in your party it is hands down more affordable and economical. 

It is private and you are in charge to visit as many wineries as you wish.

Our drivers are professional with wine savvy knowledge. They can provide insights, recommendations and direct you to the loveliest wines and wineries of your choice in the Okanagan. 


*That is: If your group is 9 people or under and you have a vehicle that can accommodate.